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HashiCorp Ambassador 2024

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Hashicorp Ambassador

Lately I have been busy with work and other things that takes precedence in life. However, this short blog post is an update highlighting that I have been selected for a second year as a HashiCorp Ambassador! The selection process was delayed this year, but it finished last week and the results were sent out early this week.

I am happy to be included one more year, and I take this as a confirmation that what I have been writing and sharing during the past year has been appreciated and of good quality! My main source of sharing knowledge on HashiCorp tools is this blog, but at the end of last year I also started up a HashiCorp User Group in Gothenburg and early this year I spoke at HashiTalks. There are more things I would like to do, but to not make anyone disappointed I will not share these plans before they are closer to completion.

If you are interested in becoming a HashiCorp Ambassador the first step is to start sharing your knowledge on using HashiCorp tools. This could be in the form of videos, talks, blogs, GitHub repos with useful examples - or anything else that I can’t even imagine right now! Once you have a steady stream of content going you have a good basis for becoming an ambassador. The official applications open up late in the year. You can apply yourself, or if you have existing ambassador friends or colleagues you can have them nominate you - which will of course be beneficial for your application!

Read more about the HashiCorp Ambassador program here.

Mattias Fjellström
Mattias Fjellström
Cloud architect consultant and an HashiCorp Ambassador